0Q8A9071Novo Pilates in Battersea is my ‘new thing!’ I’ve been doing it since October 2013. The classes are small, the workout intense and after just a few weeks I’ve already noticed a change in my body shape!   Carolyn Laud

Working on the reformer is challenging and requires focus. I recognise the connection between mind and body and this has built my body awareness and taught me better posture.      Adrienne 

Novo Pilates reformer training is something I really enjoy & benefit from. I have never felt as strong & flexible as I do now after a few months of training. I highly recommend it!    Jo Young

“….Prior to seeing Dario for the first time, for months I had experienced considerable pain which made it difficult to work extended periods on my computer and made walking or any sporting activity difficult to contemplate despite physiotherapy in the NHS and private sector…my subsequent sessions with Dario……built up my core strength…..improved my posture, and generally helped me feel more positive about my ability to help myself….’ Jimmy Burns aged 62 author and journalist