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Training with Dario has been the highlight of the week! The workouts are challenging yet enjoyable. I have felt energised and motivated once completing the workout. Dario is a perfectionist and ensures you always have the correct technique and push yourself without any injury.
Thank you Dario!!


Prior to seeing Dario for the first time, for months I had experienced considerable pain which made it difficult to work extended periods on my computer and made walking or any sporting activity difficult to contemplate despite physiotherapy in the NHS and private sector. Subsequent sessions with Dario built up my core strength, improved my posture, and generally helped me feel more positive about my ability to help myself.


Novo Pilates in Battersea is my ‘new thing!’ I’ve been doing it since October 2013. The classes are small, the workout intense and after just a few weeks I’ve already noticed a change in my body shape! 


Working on the reformer is challenging and requires focus. I recognise the connection between mind and body and this has built my body awareness and taught me better posture.


Novo Pilates reformer training is something I really enjoy & benefit from. I have never felt as strong & flexible as I do now after a few months of training. I highly recommend it!


I cannot praise Dario enough.  He has an instinctive talent in bringing out the best abilities of his clients, regardless of their age or experience.  He is also very courteous and charming.


I have known Dario for four years. He is a great coach. His pilates lessons are a perfect combination of full body toning, strength and stretching. He is capable of adapting a group lesson according to the participants’ strength and always pays attention to body alignment and posture.


Always a great class, Dario is a very attentive teacher, supremely experienced with incredible knowledge. It is a challenging workout but also great fun. The team at Novo are incredible and I never fail to feel better in body and spirit every time I visit. I highly recommend.


I have been a client of Dario for almost three years and couldn’t recommend him enough! His sessions are fun and he is really passionate about his job. He does not mind stretching his classes for a few minutes longer so that you leave with a sense of accomplishment feeling stronger and taller. I have tried many pilates classes (reformer and mat) over the years and his sessions are by far the best in London.


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